Yamaha Stainless-steel Props

The production procedure for Yamaha stainless-steel props begins with the casting process. As soon as the casting procedure is complete, the metal-filled coverings are positioned into a device that shakes the life out of them, resulting in a harsh gunmetal-gray finish. The next step is to cut the propeller from the put cup using a commercial saw blade. The details of the propeller are then sand-blasted to eliminate any type of ceramic product.
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Yamaha has a complete line of stainless steel propellers to fit a range of watercraft kinds. As an example, the business offers a three-blade stainless steel propeller created for Yamaha XTO Offshore applications. This propeller includes a 16 7/8-inch size and also a pitch of 17 to 25. It is additionally outfitted with an additional trailing side cup for enhanced hold. The company likewise supplies a prop choice tool to help you pinpoint the exact design that will certainly ideal meet your boating requirements.
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Precision Propeller was established in 1977 in a little two-car garage as well as offered prop repairs and also efficiency enhancements for outboard engines and also personal boat. By the 1980s, the firm had broadened to producing custom-made TURBO-branded props. It additionally built propellers for various other outboard makers and also exclusive label sellers. In 2008, the company was obtained by Yamaha Marine.