VITA LIBERATA Advanced Organics Body Blur

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8.9Expert Score
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VITA LIBERATA Advanced Organics Body Blur, 3.38 Fl Oz
VITA LIBERATA Advanced Organics Body Blur
VITA LIBERATA Advanced Organics Body Blur


Top Positive Review

I’ve read some of the other reviews and this product is the real deal. You MUST follow the instructions.

KNOW WHAT YOU’RE BUYING: This is NOT a tanner and not meant to be. This optically hides blemishes on the skin and adds a small amount of color. It’s body makeup people! Depending on the shade you choose, if you’re fairer skinned, it can be quite dramatic. If you’re darker skinned, like me, it blends in well with your natural skin and gives a glow, shimmer and radiance to the skin.

PREPARE THE SKIN: You absolutely must prepare your skin. This may be the single most important thing you do. You must, must, must exfoliate BEFORE applying. Clean, dry exfoliated skin accepts the product flawlessly.

USE THE RIGHT TOOLS: The second thing is you must apply it evenly. I use a Morphe M6 Pro Flat Top Buffer makeup brush to apply to my arms, chest and legs. I get perfect and flawless results. You cannot apply this with your bare hands. I find it streaks if you do. Use small circular motions to apply.

Less is more and a little goes a long way. You’ll still get full coverage and not worry as much about the transfer onto clothing.

BE AWARE: If you sweat or come into contact with moisture during your time wearing this product, it will transfer onto shoes, clothing and anything else.

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Top Critical Review

I was so excited about this product but when I received the product the first thing I noticed was that it wasn’t a full bottle and it was missing almost half of the product Which upset me because it is $44 for a fairly small bottle in my opinion. Secondly, the product did nothing for my skin tone no shimmer or nothing that made my skin look healthy and radiant as advertise. I’m a dark skin girl and I thought this product was made for all skin tones. But I did not see any extra shimmer or appearance of healthy skin. I feel this product is to expenses and not worth the money for the amount of product you get and it did not deliver on the results. I’m so disappointed because I was so excite to receive this product.
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Customer Questions & Answers

How long does this take to dry?
Answer: Not long, just like a regular moisturizer. I love it, gives a nice sheen and a little color without using a self tanner. Hope that helps!

Does anyone have a full list of ingredients?
Answer: It??s not labeled vegan or organic or anything. They sell it at Ulta, if you want to read the label in person.

Does this cover white vitiligo patches on face

I’m not exactly sure if it will or not. It has great color but not perfect cover, I hope that makes sense, but I just ordered a CC cream that might. It’s called actangel. I hate to promote something I haven’t tried yet but supposedly it will even cover a tattoo perfectly and its waterproof. Again I dont know if actange??

Is it waterproof?
Answer: No. But when it??s dry it doesn??t smudge. if you get sprayed (mist, not hose) it won??t come right off. You need soap and water.

Is this a self tan?
Answer: No, this is an instant, wash off body makeup. Body Blur instantly bronzes skin and adds a flawless, natural glow – it’s like an instagram filter in a bottle!

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